Jason Lovins Band

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  • Sunday | January 27, 2019
  • 9:30 am - 11:00 am



The continued success has led to The Jason Lovins Band releasing their 4th album, Promises, in January 2013. It features three songs co-written by the band members and the other nine songs from fellow songwriters they know and respect.  And as you listen to the new album with songs such as He Can Fix It All or Prayer Will See You Through, it will strike you like a flash. The music that Jason Lovins creates is his venue to encourage others.


“The band’s heart was to set out and record an album full of songs we thought the church would hopefully connect with, and I feel we’ve done that,” says Jason. “This was a different process for us because we started asking friends who were songwriters to send their music and the songs started pouring in. We didn’t want to feel like we had to write this album, so once we got the songs lined up the whole theme of God’s Promises just seemed to be the tone of the project.”

And one song in particular speaks the most to Jason’s personal walk of faith. “My cousin wrote the Grass is Greener and it was the first song I heard that I knew would be on the album,” says Jason. “We had co-written several times before and I just love his style of writing, and this particular song just blew me away. It’s such a beautiful picture of heaven and told in such a neat way. There are just a few lines that get me every time I sing them. This bag of broken bones will have a home, and they will dance for you/These blinded eye’s will open wide to see the miracles you do/ the grass is greener there with you/this heart that sleeps will start to beat when it is given life with you. To me, the last line is the best as I just love it.”


The Jason Lovins Band tours quite extensively throughout the southeast and northeast, and stays on the road 40 weeks a year. Their journey has given the band members; Jason Lovins, Jose Mendoza, Rodney Mora, and Chasen Little, the chance to share the stage with such legendary performers as Michael W. Smith, MercyMe, Kari Jobe and Big Daddy Weave among others.  The group has also performed at Billy Graham events that included writing the song Journey for a BGEA TV Special.


However, for Jason it’s the audience he’s singing to and the lyrics he’s delivering that matters the most to him. “My goal is to allow God to speak to every member of the audience through me. I have one point when leading worship where I talk and give my testimony, and then I also spend a good amount of time after the shows talking with people.  Either way I connect with them, I’d like them to leave and take home the message that there are always choices—and not to blame God for the bad things that have happened to them.”


The album Promises will draw listeners in with its varied styles and songs that range from infectious pop, to a straight out rocker, or an old time Gospel rave up such as Only The Blood. But in the end, the album is the fruit of an artist who stayed faithful and kept walking through a trial that could have stopped him dead in his tracks, but he kept going.


“I consider myself so lucky,” says Jason. “I’m so grateful to my mother and her pro-life decision, and have a loving grandmother who helped raise me and was like a mother to me also. Through my music, my prayer is for others to see that there are always choices.”